How and where the Honeycomb idea and later the entire project was born…

- I have been fascinated by beautiful modern buildings and innovative ideas since 2004 when I was working in the construction sector, and have always admired the authors of such “distinct projects”.


I spent a few of my last years of work and career wondering what type of a house I would want for myself.  As I searched for information on the Internet, looked through magazines and articles and listened to other people’s descriptions of their dream homes, etc., I was simply unable to come up with anything that would suit me – an environmentally friendly house in modern or, perhaps, almost futuristic style, and at relatively low cost. I believed that the cutting-edge technology and materials of the 21st century could certainly provide the necessary solution for one’s dream home.


So, why Honeycomb?

While I was hunting for information on modern houses, I discovered mirror-clad facades which looked simply astounding. Everything around the house would be reflected in the walls and the house itself would become part of the surrounding nature turning practically invisible. Excellent! This is what I would love to have...


The price?.. Not so steep as to not allow to live out your own fairy-tale dream. As I figured out that my budget would only be sufficient for half of a house, an idea struck me – I could always build only a portion of a house and then adjoin another part, and another, and then the third one, etc. But how would I connect them to avoid that traditional rectangular shape resembling a box?..


- Honeycomb, a natural-formed hexagonal structure created by nature over 15 million years ago. Perfect!


The hexagonal structure with mirror-clad facades and flat roofing hides the building in the surrounding nature. Even after connecting the second or third segment, the building remains elegant and retains a certain sort of charisma. This is how this unique project came to be.



Minimalistic and contemporary with a light Scandinavian influence.

The area of one segment is relatively small measuring approximately 42,44 square meters. Thus, it is possible to build a cozy home at a reasonable price using cutting-edge materials and technology. In case of need or changed circumstances, other segments may be connected to the main one, i.e. more bedrooms, a sauna, etc. This is an excellent solution for young families and senior citizens.

- Also, the house can be fitted with fully autonomic systems if needed.

The flat roof collects rainwater into a reservoir and then filters it to the level of potable water suitable for food preparation. Depending on the soil type, there would be no need for deep borewells or round shaft wells.


The house would be heated and supplied with electric power by solar panels and chargers (though such solution would better fit a summer house used for vacationing instead of permanent residence). The house would also have Cinderella incinerating toilets and water treatment equipment to ensure that treated wastewater can be redirected to soil and rivers.

- Today, I am sharing my ideas with you all. If you love nature, let it love you too!


A few more things to take note of:

Properties of the house:

     * Environmentally friendly;

     * Well heated, energy efficiency class: A+;

     * No need for an ornate garden or other flamboyant decorations;

     * A two-storey version of 96 sq. meters in area can be built in a 10m x 10m land lot;

     * The house can be assembled very quickly allowing to move in without waiting for many months;

     * Even though not large, a single segment is very spacious. Window walls create the illusion of being
        surrounded by nature.


Our team:
     * Resourceful designers will help you find the most suitable interior design that you will fall in love with.

     * Collaborating with our partners, we can provide you with premium class bedroom, living room or kitchen
        furniture and find interior design solutions to satisfy all your needs.

     * We can help and advise you on all related matters.


I am grateful to everyone who supported this idea so that I can share it with you and the entire world and contributed with my own works and insights.

A heartfelt thank you for support and assistance goes to:

     * Minkštų Baldų Idėja (MBI); * Partneriai Projektams Adme; * M3 constructors; * Feigenta ir Ko; * Fredexeuropa Logistics Company.


Eugenijus Minkevic

Project Author

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